Don’t try to look smart.
Don’t try to sound smart.
Don’t try to be smart.
Instead, simply be smart.

Sometimes we might think that we have to talk a lot to prove ourselves. And we might also think that there’s not enough time to say all that needs to be said, and so we end up talking really really fast, almost as if someone has a pistol cocked up our anoos.

… But wait a minute, what are we in a rush for?
Do we actually need to say all of that?
What are we trying to accomplish?
Who are we actually serving?

Remember to breathe. Relax.

Those interested in what you have to say will give you a chance.
And if not, then let it be and chill out. Regather your consciousness.

Be ready.
Be ready for the next big thing.
Be ready for the next little thing.
Be ready for anything.

Every second spent talking is a second that could’ve been spent listening, learning, breathing, connecting.

Remember that often times, to be smart is to be silent.