There is not only one Buddha.
There have been thousands of Buddhas and there still are, with more to… bud.

Any one can become a Buddha, if one is open to it…

Our minds of great imagination are capable of both infinite creativity and destruction.
But when we desire for more out of others… when we expect more of others, of society, of the world, and we neglect to pay attention to our self, then we compromise our spirit and being.

We suffer because we trap ourselves in our minds worrying about other people.
How does this worrying help anyone?
How does this worrying help you?

The word Buddha comes from two Sanskrit words/concepts:

The first word being “Buddhi”, which refers to the mind and intellect.
The power to “form, retain concepts; intelligence, reason, intellect, mind”,
the intellectual faculty and the ability to “discern, judge, comprehend, understand” something.

Indeed, we are each blessed with a Buddhi.
I like big Buddhis and I cannot lie.

With the Buddhi we can understand, we can reason, we can make good decisions, and we can solve problems.

… But every blessing can also be a curse.

With the Buddhi we can also rationalize, we can make poor judgements, and we can create astronomical messes.

The second word/concept which forms the word Buddha is “Dhadha”, meaning one who is above.

To be a Buddha means to be above the intellect.
To be a Buddha means to live and be above the trappings of your mind.

To be in heaven. Nirvana.

As opposed to being in… well, you know.
Beneath your mind.
Drowning. Suffocating. Suffering.

Time, time, time…
If there’s one thing that can change in an instant, it may be perception.

Why not be a Buddha?

… Well? Why the hell not?

Source of inspiration: The End of Suffering - Sadhguru