How to keep your teeth strong?

Let’s look at some cultures.

Actually, I’ll cut to the chase: there was an American dentist named Dr. Weston Price, who in the 1930s travelled the world and studied “primitive” cultures of the world. These cultures were not yet exposed to processed foods, especially white flour and added sugar.

In studying so many diverse cultures and diets he was able to pinpoint common factors in all the traditional diets that ensured that the children grew up strong and straight, maximising their genetic potential:

  • All of them consumed a complete range of minerals and fat soluble vitamins from either high-vitamin butter, seafood, cod-liver oil, seal oil or animal organs with their fat.
  • All consumed some daily raw, unaltered protein from sources such as meats, seafood, nuts, cheeses, eggs, milk or high quality sprouted seeds.
  • Most diets contained some form of fermented foods - milk cultures, pickles, and other fermented foods.
  • Everyone ate naturally organic wholefoods, grains were freshly ground. The plants they ate had a very high mineral content.
  • People spent most of their day exposed to fresh air and sunlight, and were engaged in vigorous physical exercise on a regular basis.
  • Each culture observed periods of partial abstinence from food or regulated periods of under-eating as part of natural seasonal shortages of food or else as rituals involving fasting.
  • Sweets (even good, natural sweets) were used rarely or sparingly, only for occasions of ritual, celebration or special feasting.

They had rather basic teeth cleaning equipment.
No plastic. And their teeth are so clean. Bright. Strong. Healthy.

And meanwhile in lots of the developed world…
We have fancy electric toothbrushes and we pay lots of money to see certified dentists.
Perhaps. Not frequently enough. Especially if we’re erratic types.
We can clean our teeth like crazy but they still rot.

Why that is? Well, to cut to the chase, it’s some heavy kind of stress or neglect and conditioning.

I mean, I’m pretty sure we should have someone check our teeth on a weekly basis.
Daily if you’re anal about it.
At the very least, we can definitely examine our own teeth every day.

So what steps can I take to keep my teeth strong and healthy? Not get stressed. Well, practically, don’t overconsume carbohydrates. Rest and sleep responsibly. Don’t work too much. Don’t eat too much. Don’t eat if it’s slowing you down.
Don’t inebriate yourself.

If you’re fucking yp your self, then you’re fucking up your inner child.
If you’re fucking up your inner child, then you’re committing inner child abuse!
The worst is that you’re not a smooth criminal.


Don’t overconsume content.
Stop fantasizing about thers.
Envy can fuck you up.
Respect your boundaries.

Fight your demons, damn it!

In short, don’t be like Tam is being.

Speaking of inspecting your teeth and tracing back how it all started…
Why not look at other inspectable aspects of your body?

Examine your face every day. Why you be causing those pimples brah?!

Who needs a scale? Don’t you have a frickin mirror? You have a phone. Take a picture.
How about a video?
If you can’t see your six pack, then you should evaluate what the hell you’re doing.
Life is too short not to look like a super model.
You can dance, can’t you?
Utter your beautiful or not so beautiful words.
Share whatever the hell you feel like with the world.
Share a sliver of your infinite grace.

Why not be judged every day?

What have we got to lose?

Ya selfish prick?

So anyway, this is how you take care of your teeth.
But what do I know? My teeth are in pretty rough shape.

I know how to take care of this stuff, but I also struggle to manage myself.

I also wish I didn’t eat so much cereal and rice growing up.

Anyway. Bye.

Effect of western diet on facial and dental development - Growing strong bodies and beautiful smiles
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