Keep your diet simple. I hereby present to you the six-pack diet:

You’re not to drink a six-pack (or any alcohol) unless you have a six-pack.
If you don’t have a six-pack, then you’re to evade shots of sugar (sweets).
Train your mind and body.
Cut out junk.
Why you be eating and drinking gunk, especially when you got some work to do on that trunk?

You were born with the powers of a god.

Why not chisel your body and mind to honour the potential and gift of your spirit? …

The point of the six-pack isn’t merely to have a six-pack.
How superficial would that be?
The point is to look great when you’re naked.
Half kidding.
The greater point is that you’ll become one who has mastered their activities and appetites to an impressive and powerful level.

Evolutionarily, we’re at the top of the food chain.
We’re masters of adaptation. We are change makers.
As humans, we’ve perhaps conquered the world.
But that means nothing if we haven’t conquered the demons that dwell within our minds and hearts.

Simple, right?
Never said that it was going to be easy…

Great change is neither comfortable nor easy.
Transformation takes time.
It’s uncomfortable and can be rather painful.
Like delivering a baby.
So what are you gonna do?
Are you gonna abort your dreams just because you face a lot of pain and hardship?
Fuck easy.

Note: As with many things, this is a work in progress.